Akimah’s Reusable Slimming Wrap
Akimah’s Reusable Slimming Wrap

Akimah’s Reusable Slimming Wrap

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Akimah’s Reusable Slimming Wrap is made to intensify your workout creating more sweat helping to burn calories. 
Easy to remove after use and can be washed for repeat usage. It comes with two wraps. This product performs best when paired with Akimah’s Slimming Sweat Cream.

How to use wrap one or two depending on size and preference around your waist after you apply slimming cream (optional) then put you waist trainer on and get to working out, power walking getting in the sauna etc. 

Material is a strong thick reusable plastic. 

Due to COVID-19 we do not except returns or exchanges.


Why choose us?

Reason one

We love making women and men of all sizes and shapes feel good about themselves. When you put on our garments rather it be a waist trainer, shape wear or using items from our enhancement collection you will feel amazing. I use them daily. I am literally a product of my products.

Reason two

Akimahs Way LLC takes pride in delivering to you top of the line waist trainers etc. We are very hands on and personable with our supporters. Customer service is top priority.