A Word From The CEO

I am Shamika Crutchfield owner of Akimahs Way LLC,

A daughter of the most high God Jesus. A fun, loving, and youthful mother of five young adult children and three grands. Located in Gonzales Louisiana.

For years I have battled with my weight whether it being when I weighed the most at almost 300 pounds or when I lost over 50 pounds doing it all wrong. Over the last 3 yrs it’s been like being on a never ending roller coaster. Up and down highs and lows but all necessary to get me where I am today.

I can proudly say I am at a point in my life where settling is not an option. This brings me to today with working out and proper diet plus water intake (Gallon A Day) while waist training and meal prepping/ intermittent fasting and detoxing. I have been able to maintain a healthy weight for my height. I stopped focusing on the number on the scale and started focusing on my health and food intake and haven’t looked back since.

Now I aim to keep going and get better while helping/ sharing what has and still is working for me. Providing quality products used and strategically picked by me. We will also be offering meal plans/ preps in the near future sign up to our email list so you stay informed on updates, sales and new products dropping.

Allow me to give you the tools to win. Talk Less Do More Akimahs Way.